PASTOR SAYS “THANK-YOU ACTION TEAM!”  Back in February I solicited for interest in supporting the LIGHTHOUSE in Lancaster as a “Thrivent Action Team” called the “Guardians Like St. Joseph” (St. Joseph took Mary and Baby Jesus to safety in Egypt in the days of Herod, St. Matthew 2.  The event was scheduled to take place in March around St. Joseph Day!).  This “Thrivent Action Team” event took place last Saturday.  Our Action team shopped and collected needed cleaning supplies and fresh fruit for the Lighthouse, and received a donation towards the purchase of needed industrial shower curtains.  It was an appreciated and caring event!  Thanks to Action Team Members: Steve Bader, Bill Behrens, Lauren Benson, Anne and Reagan Boucher, Jerry Dunfee, Susan England, Dianna Harrington, Scott Hietikko, Karen Kemmerer, Pauline Kull,  Steve and Camille Martens, Angela Raddatz, Becky Raybourne, Kelly Raybourne, Evan Schaffner, Sharlene Strosnider, Sue Tipton, and Kathy and Kermit Welty!  What “Guardians Like St. Joseph!”  Thanks team!  What a response to Christ’s care, compassion, and love in our midst!  Thrivent Members, did you know that YOU TOO can sponsor such a team and receive up to $250 towards support of your team?  Please speak to Becky Raybourne or me for more information!  Be sure to look at the pictures Kelly has put up on our Emanuel Webpage!  Pastor Mark Raddatz