Updated June 30, 2021

At Communion Services we will return to a full communion service liturgy.  We will continue to distribute Christ’s body and blood as we have been (Pastor center aisle, elder sacristy doorway), however, instead of exiting the Church, please return to your pew for the Thanksgiving, Benediction, and Closing Hymn. 

Masks are optional. From the Safety Committee’s June 13th meeting: 

Beginning immediately, wearing a mask at Emanuel is no longer required.  However, if wearing a mask makes you feel more protected against the coronavirus, please do so.

As recommended by the state government, those who have not been vaccinated should wear a mask to protect themselves from being infected.

You may enter or exit from any door.  Offerings will be gathered during the service.

Pastor will continue individual communion opportunities at the Church, but in light of our return to two services and the downward turn of the virus, these opportunities will be once a month. You are more than welcome to make an appointment with the Pastor if the dates chosen do not serve your schedule.   

            Let’s pray for the complete eradication of the pandemic.  Please continue in prayer and meditation on God’s Holy Word.  Our inconveniences and suffering is so small in comparison to other parts of the world where new strains have devastated populations and closed down family/social activity.  India comes to mind where there are many Christian Churches (our own Lutheran Church has a long history there with missionaries still present).  Please pray for people everywhere and as St. Paul says, especially for those of the household of faith!