August 1, 2021

P.O. Box 2270, Lancaster, Ohio

e-mail:  elclancaster@gmail.com

Web Site:  www.emanuellcms.org


Today           Worship Services           7:45 and 10:15 a.m.

Adult Bible Class       9:00 a.m.

Monday, August 2 through Sunday, August 8: Pastor AWAY

Wednesday  Bulletin and Highlights Deadline      12 Noon

Sunday         ONE SERVICE / NO LORD’S SUPPER     10:15 a.m.

Seminarian Sharing and Reception        9:00 a.m.

+ + + Those Who Serve + + +

Deacons:  Scott Hietikko, Riley Schneider, Bill Behrens, Loyd Thrapp, Paul Plinke, Jon Young, Tim Shaffer, Evan Schaffner, David Deitz

Rev. Mark Raddatz, Pastor

Kantor Kelly Raybourne


7:45 a.m. Service Attendance Last Week:  16

10:15 a.m. Service Attendance Last Week:  80

Last Sunday’s Offering:  $3,505.00

To meet the 2021 budget, a weekly offering of $4,696.00 is needed!

LUTHERAN HOUR RADIO:  Every Sunday morning at 7 a.m. on 700 A.M., also at 9 a.m. on 88.9 F.M. and every Sunday night at 8:30 p.m., 90.9 F.M., Lancaster!

THE BOOK OF COLOSSIANS is our present study in Adult Bible Class.  Come join us.  As, therefore, you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so live in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving!  Colossians 2:6.  9 a.m. in the Emanuel Parish Hall.

ONE SERVICE NOTICENEXT Sunday, August 8th, there will be only one service, as Pastor will be on vacation.  We are thankful to Seminarian Tom Chamberlain who will serve God’s Holy Word next Sunday.  After the 10:15 a.m. service today, Pastor will not be able to greet at the door due to travel plans.  Elder(s) will greet you!  Thank-you.

SUNDAY ADULT BIBLE CLASS RECEPTION.  Next Sunday Adult Bible Class will have a little reception.  Seminarian Thomas Chamberlain will share his “calling” to be a Pastor and life at the Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne, IN.  Come enjoy and support this young man!

OPPORTUNITY FOR THE LORD’S SUPPER.  Presently, Pastor is offering opportunity for you to partake of our Lord’s Holy Supper, if you are not taking on Sunday morning.  Please consider the following offering: Wednesday, August 18th – 1, 2, 3, 4 p.m. Please call or text Pastor.  Please seek Pastor’s confirmation of your request.

BACK TO SCHOOL DRIVE:  Emanuel is collecting school supplies now through August 15th.  Please bring in items and place in the box provided in the back of the church to help needy students in our area.  Thank you for your support of this project!

THE SAFETY COMMITTEE will meet Sunday, August 15th, after the 10:15 a.m. service.

AUGUST CALENDAR CHANGE.  The Emanuel Church Council Meeting scheduled August 12 has been canceled.  Council will resume Thursday, September 9, 7 p.m.  Thank-you.

OLD CHRISTMAS TREES:  If anyone wants the two Christmas trees that stood in the front of the Nave, please let Debbie Thrapp know by TODAY!, Sunday, August 1st.

BOARD OF EDUCATION NEWS:  Our next Fun Under the Son Event will be at Heath City Water Park on Aug. 14. More info will follow.

THANK-YOU AGAIN EMANUEL!  EMANUEL’S OPERATION BARNABAS completed their USCG project this past week.  With the remaining monies donated this past spring, items were purchased for the USCG men and women serving with Timothy Raddatz in Bahrain.  Another package of “goodies” was shipped this past Wednesday.  Thanks for your support, and pray for our men and women in our Armed Forces.  Pauline Kull

EMANUEL SERVES FOUNDATION DINNERS from 3:30-5:30 p.m., TOMORROW, Monday, August 9th. Volunteers, please see the sign-up sheet on the handbell table. Thank you!

REMINDER:  Please remember to fill out the communion registration card in the pew when you take communion.  One card can be used for a couple/family.  This helps the church keep accurate records of Lord’s Supper attendance.

COMMITMENT FORMS for 2022 will be distributed beginning next week.  The financial commitment form will give given out next Sunday, August 8th, and the activity portion will be given out August 15th.  The Board of Stewardship asks the members to prayerfully consider their contribution for 2022.

REMINDER FOR THRIVENT MEMBERS:  Remember to designate any Thrivent dollars you may have throughout the year.  Thank you so much to all who contribute their Thrivent dollars to Emanuel!

STAMPS FOR MISSIONS:  The Women of Faith are collecting used stamps!  Collect ONLY Commemorative, Foreign Stamps (no common stamps please), and bring them in to the box on the table in the Overflow.  The Women of Faith will send these to the Ohio District where they will be used for Mites.  Please leave a ¼ inch margin around the stamp when you trim the stamp off the envelope.  Please see the sign on the box for more information.  Thank you!

DO YOU HAVE INFORMATION FOR THE HIGHLIGHTS OR MEMBERSHIP CHANGES, ETC??… There is a form on the table in the Overflow for you to use to alert the office to highlight notices, membership changes, and even up-coming flower information.  If you need to submit information to the Office, please use this form and put it in the tray on the desk of the mailbox office when finished.  Thank you!

ARE YOU MOVING OR DID YOU MOVE?:  Please be sure to let the Office know of any changes to your address, phone number, or email, so the Church records can be kept up-to-date.  Thank you.

GIDEON ENVELOPES:  Please remember that there are envelopes in the Narthex of the Church that you can use to support the work of the Gideons.  There are different occasion envelopes available to honor or remember someone!

YOU CAN HELP THE EMANUEL MISSION RECYCLING PROJECT.  Please bring your aluminum cans to the basement!  Shirley Schaffner collects them for the Sunday School Mission Project: Spreading God’s Love in EthiopiaPlease remember to rinse out the cans before you bring them in!  That will help in our recycling efforts!

REMINDER!! Your help is needed for Lutheran Social Services with donations of non-perishable foods and personal hygiene items. Please place items on the cart marked ‘food pantry’ located in the overflow of the nave. Please be sure to check the “sell by” date on all donations!  Thank you!

August 1 – Pentecost X (Proper 13B) – What if we can’t afford this baby? What if we can’t pay for these treatments? Abortion means fewer people in poverty, doesn’t it? Assisted suicide leads to less stress on limited resources, right? The Gospel dissolves every panic in sweet promises. He who sends mouths has never failed to supply their meat (Exodus 16:13; Psalm 145:15-16). Ensuring survival poses no trouble for Him who has already engineered salvation (John 6:25). –Lutherans for Life

*** If you would like to see past services, please search for the Emanuel Lutheran Lancaster Ohio Facebook page, and click the “videos” tab.  Regular live streaming ended (for the moment) on May 23, 2021.